Moving Tips

Moving Tips


  • Fragile Items

Do not wait until the last minute to pack your fragile items. Do it early when you have the most energy and enthusiasm. This will help you put in the time necessary to insure a properly packed box and a properly packed box will provide safety to your most fragile of items.

  • Boxes

Do not overfill your boxes or overload your boxes. Items in overloaded boxes are damaged more easily. A good rule of thumb is to limit any box to under fifty pounds of total weight. This will make them easier to handle and also prevent the box from disassembling or rupturing.

  • Valuables

If you have many boxes containing valuable or sentimental material, it would be wise to pack them so that the valuables are spread evenly throughout the boxes. For example, don’t put all your jewelry into one box and all photos into another. Mix them together and use sentimental items to hide or camouflage other more monetarily valuable items.

  • Hazardous Material

The hazardous materials are not being transported by moving companies and it is prohibited by law. If you prefer to make your own labels, use a permanent marker or a computer printed label. Try to use two colors, one of which should be red to indicate the danger of the materials inside. Also, be sure to write or include the words “hazardous” or “flammable” depending on the exact contents.

  • Hot to Move on the Budget

Try to plan ahead and select a date during the middle of a month if at all possible. Moving at the beginning or ending of a given month, the peak times for moving, are more expensive than moving during the middle of a month. Plan ahead and make necessary arrangements so that you have time off of work to do so.

  • How to Choose a Moving Company

Though not required, it is a good idea to find a moving company that has been in business for at least ten years. This is not a necessity, but it does give you more security to know that they have been operating legally with few or no problems for many years.